Filling Plates + Building Spirits

As you know New York has been devastated by Hurricane Sandy leavings tens of thousands of people without power, heat or hot water and in some cases a lot less. In the Rockaways, the ramifications of the Hurricane persist as freezing temperatures and long term power outages mean that there is no consistent source of hot food for residents, police and sanitation workers who are working tirelessly in 12hr shifts to try and restore power and assist in the reconstruction of a devastated city.

The Fat Radish has joined a coalition of New York restauranteurs including Chef Sam Talbot, Serge Becker of Miss Lily's and Cafe Select, The Spotted Pig, The Breslin, Back 40, L'artusi/ D'ell Anima and The Lobster Truck to provide hot food to victims and volunteers in the Rockaways, called "The Rockaway Plate Lunch Truck".

Spearheaded by Rob McKinley and Mike D the truck will be staffed by one of the above restauranteurs seven days a week for the next 2 months. We hope to feed upwards of 500-700 people per day. There is a cohesive daily menu giving people on site a steady availability of warm and healthy meals. This is key for all the work that desperately needs to be done to rebuild the Rockaways after such devastation.

This relief effort started as a personal journey for people wanting to help others in need but has become a far bigger and lengthy project than imagined. We are now looking for donations to cover food and operational costs for the coming months. Financial support however big or small would provide immediate help.

I know people think that there is nothing they can do in times like this but this is a very tangible way of having a great and immediate social impact. If you could reach out to your network and see if anyone would like to support our efforts, the people of Rockaway and New York would be forever grateful.

Use the link below to Donate Today!


Thanks for helping in our efforts....

The Rockaway Plate Lunch Crew

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